About Me

I’m a 50-something nearly unemployed female with body issues.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with venous insufficiency which will require me to wear compression stocking for the rest of my life.  As if I didn’t have enough trouble getting dressed in the morning…

I also am a tad overweight (hence, trouble getting dressed in the morning), hate tight clothes, have a bizarre sense of style to begin with (former dancer, burner, and hippie), and have been suffering with body image issues for years, so the news that I have to deal with this extra challenge has put me over the edge.

Am I alone in this? I didn’t think so!


PS.  I am neither giving nor asking for any medical advice. That is what doctors are for. Although I may give product reviews, they are for my body only and I’m not trying to pursued anyone to buy anything. Any advertisements on this site are not product endorsements by moi.



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